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Onion Exporter

Onion Exporter

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Onion Exporter


India is the second largest onion growing country in the world. Indian onions are famous for their pungency and are available round the year. Indian onions has two crop cycles, first harvesting starts in November to January and the second harvesting from January to May.

Product: ONION

Type: Red

Variety: Various

Genarel Appearance:

COLOUR : With purple-red skin and purple-red edges on the white fleshy scales.

SENSORY : Firm, crisp texture; sharp flavour, not too pungent. Free from foreign and 'off' smells or tastes.

SHAPE : Squat to rounded squat.

SIZE : 25mm-60mm, as per importing country requirement



Packing Details:1)5kg/mesh bag,10kg/mesh bag,20kg/mesh bag

                          2)According to customer's requirements

Size of Onion Required by Different Countries.

- Malaysia, Singapore, African Ports : 25-30mm

- Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan & Nepal : 25-30mm

- Middle East & Gulf : 40-60mm

- Europ & Japan : 60-70mm