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Garlic Exporter

Garlic Exporter

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Garlic Exporter


Garlic has many uses other than culinary, and is popular in home remedies. It has a strong flavour and taste. It has vitamins and minerals and helps the body to absorb other vitamins.

Store garlic in a cool, dark, dry place with good air circulation. Check on it occasionally, and remove any cloves that have gone bad, being careful not to nick the remaining cloves.

We conduct various stringent quality tests under the supervision of the experts. These tests are performed with due care from the very initial stage of procurement of the products to the final stage of delivery to the end users. During the packaging procedure, we keep the hygienic level high and also ensure that there is no human touch.


Indian Fresh Garlic Bulb Peculiarity : It is very Spicy, tasty and Aromatic than Chinese Garlic, it is best for cooking. It adds to the essence of the dishes and provides a pleasant aroma.

Size : 30mm+, 40mm+ 45mm+, 50mm+

Origin : India

Packing : 20 / 40kg Net Bag

Scientific Name : Allium sativum

New Crop : February - June